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  • Number of Videos in Session: 6
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 15:55

Dispatching ties the majority of features together in FieldEdge. The following training sessions provide a quick explanation of the primary functions of Dispatching in FieldEdge.

Part 1: Creating a Work Order

The following video will cover the process of creating a 

  • How to identify your Customer
  • How to create a Work Order for your Customer
  • How to handle the scheduling of the Dispatch

Part 2: Scheduling a Work Order

In our second scenario, we will review the process of scheduling a Work Order for a Technician.

  • Navigating and Understanding the Dispatch Board
  • How to find a Work Order to schedule for a Technician
  • How to assign a Work Order to a Technician

Part 3: Advanced Dispatch Board Settings

The following video will go over some advanced features specific to Dispatching, including identifying lesser-known features.

  • Ensure Accuracy of Scheduling
  • How to Block off a Technician's Schedule
  • How to handle On-Call Dispatching

Part 4: Multi-Day Scheduling

The following video will detail how to schedule a single Work Order across multiple days.

  • Best practices on Multi-Day Scheduling
  • Determine Availability of Scheduling
  • How to Repeat this Process for Multiple Days

Part 5: Scheduling Multiple Technicians

The video in this section will provide detail on how to schedule a single Work Order across multiple Technicians.

  • Scenarios when Scheduling Multiple Technicians
  • How to Identify the Primary Technician
  • How to Identify this Work Order on the Dispatch Board

Part 6: Scheduling a Crew

This video will review the process of scheduling a single Work Order across a specific group of Technicians.

  • How to identify a Crew
  • How to create a Work Order for a Crew
  • Best Practices when Working with a Crew



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