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Setting up Skills and associating them with Employees and Tasks can help us make sure that we send the right techs to perform certain jobs. In this guide we’ll talk about how to setup Skills and associate them to Employees and Tasks.

Part 1: Creating or Finding Skills

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Creating skills is easy and quick and can be done in a few steps. You may even have some skills in your FieldEdge database already. The following steps can be used to help guide you through locating and creating skills.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings in the top menu, next from the People section click on Skills.

2. From the Skills list, you can add a new skill by choosing the Add Skill button in the top right of the screen.

  • Note: Alternatively, you can use the Search by Name field to look up an existing skill.

3. Next, use the Name field to provide a way to identify your new skill.

4. After you have provide a name, click Create to add the new skill to your FieldEdge database.

Part 2: Associating Skills to Employees

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Now that we have our skills, we need to assign them to our employees. This way, when we select a technician for a dispatch, we ensure that the tech is able to perform the task at hand.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings in the top menu, next from the People section click on Employees.

2. Next, from the list of Employees, search and select a technician.

3. From the Edit Employee screen, scroll down to the Schedule and Skills section.

4. Next, select any check-boxes that correspond to a Skill appropriate for this technician.

5. When you have finished selecting the appropriate skills for this technician, click Update to save these changes to your FieldEdge database.

Part 3: Associating Skills to Tasks

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If you have already set up your skills and you have assigned them to your technicians, then the last step is to assign your skills to your tasks. This will enable you to get the most out of your technicians by ensuring they have the right skill set for the job.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings in the top menu, next from the Work Orders section click on Tasks.

2. Next, from the list of Tasks, search and select a Task.

3. In the Edit Task screen, click the Skill drop-down box and select the appropriate skill that best matches the task.

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