Creating an Agreement Item


Agreement Items are the first component required to using Agreements in FieldEdge. Here's how we can setup an Agreement Item.


1. First, click on Items and select Add Item.

2. Next, in the Type field, select Non Inventory Part.

3. Then, click into the Item Name/Number field, provide a name for this agreement item.

Optional: You may select a Category. This will classify the agreement item into a particular grouping of other items within the same category.

Optional: Allow Price Edit on Mobile, if selected, will allow a mobile user to adjust the price of the agreement item when it has been added to an invoice.

4. Next move to the Sales information section. Click into the Price/Rate field and provide an amount for the agreement.

5. Then, designate an Income Account (Ex: Sales Income - Sales).

6. We'll then need to pick a Sales Tax Code.

7. Under the Discounts section, select Exempt from agreement discount.

8. You may use the Description on Sales Form to provide a quick detail of the agreement for a customer to see. 

9. Selecting the Add Image button towards the bottom of the screen will allow you to provide a visual representation of the agreement item.

10. When finished configuring the agreement item, select Create.

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