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  • Number of Videos in Session: 11
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 35:23

Your field technicians will be utilizing mobile on a regular basis, so it's critical they have a proper understanding of the basics of this tool. The following training videos will help provide a foundation so that your technicians can quickly and effectively utilize their FieldEdge mobile application.

Part 1: Understanding Mobile

In this first training, we'll go over the basics of the FieldEdge mobile application and how to view customer information.

  • How to navigate different features within the mobile application
  • How to see assigned Work Orders
  • How to filter and customize the mobile app

Part 2: Mastering Mobile Work Orders

In our second video, we'll explore concepts specific to the Work Order on the mobile application.

  • How to drill into the current assigned Work Order
  • How to change statuses on a Work Order
  • How to view important information specific to the Work Order

Part 3: Adding and Reviewing Equipment

In our third video, we'll see how a mobile user can manage Equipment directly from the application.

  • How to view important information related to a piece of Equipment
  • View history associated with a piece of Equipment
  • How to add new Equipment through the mobile application

Part 4: Creating a Work Order

In this video, you will see how to create a Work Order from the FieldEdge Mobile Application.

  • How FieldEdge Determines Who Can Make Mobile Work Orders
  • How to Search for a Customer
  • Comprehensive Details on Creating a Work Order on Mobile

Part 5: Add Items to Invoice or Quote

In our final video of the first section of Mobile, we'll review how to add billable Items to an Invoice or Quote.

  • Where you can add Billable Items to an Invoice or Quote
  • How to Search and Identify Items
  • Details on Important and Lesser-Known Fields for Items

Part 6: Adding Non-Billable Items to a Mobile Invoice or Mobile Quote

In our previous video, we learned how to add Items to an Invoice or Quote while on Mobile. In this video, we'll see how we can use FieldEdge Mobile to add Non-Inventory Item while using Mobile.

  • Learn about reasons to use a Non-Inventory Item
  • How to navigate to the Non-Billable entry screen
  • How to search and assign a Non-Billable Item

Part 7: Mastering Custom Forms on Mobile

Custom forms can be a tremendous tool to help guide technicians while they're in the field. This video will review best practices when using this powerful feature.

  • Who is able to enter information into a Custom Form
  • Explanations of the different fields related to Custom Forms
  • How and when Custom Forms may be added

Part 8: Taking a Payment and Completing a Mobile Work Order

Our next video shows us how to close out a mobile Work Order and how we can add payments.

  • How to navigate to the completion screen
  • Understand the payment process through FieldEdge Mobile
  • How the office is notified of a Completed mobile Work Order

Part 9: Using Mobile Supervisor

In our final video of the Mobile Training series, we will learn how to use the different features associated with mobile Supervisor mode.

  • Identify which users can use Supervisor mode
  • How to find Supervisor mode
  • Comprehensive understanding of Supervisor features

Part 10: Create a Part Request in the Field

This video will review how a technician, using their FieldEdge mobile app, can create a Part Request.

  • How to begin creating a Part Request from the mobile application
  • Identify the important fields required to create a Part Request in the field
  • Next steps after the Part Request has been created

Part 11: Adding Expenses through Mobile

In this video, we'll see how an Expense may be entered through FieldEdge Mobile.

  • Learn what FieldEdge considers an Expense
  • Where you can utilize Expenses while on Mobile
  • Detailed feature explanation about Expenses
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