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  • Number of Videos in Session: 9
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 28:08

Your field technicians will be utilizing mobile on a regular basis, so it's critical they have a proper understanding of the basics of this tool. The following training videos will help provide a foundation so that your technicians can quickly and effectively utilize their FieldEdge mobile application.

Part 1: Homescreen and Settings


In this training, we'll go over the basics of the FieldEdge mobile application and how to view the home screen and settings.

  • How to navigate different features within the mobile application
  • How to see assigned work orders
  • How to filter and customize the mobile app
  • How to view and go through mobile settings

Part 2: Understanding Work Order Details

In our next video, we'll explore concepts specific to the work order details screen on the mobile application.

  • How to drill into the current assigned work order
  • How to change statuses on a work order
  • How to add and review attachments associated to a work order
  • How to view important information specific to the work order

Part 3: Adding and Reviewing Equipment

In our third video, we'll see how a mobile user can manage equipment directly from the application.

  • How to view important information related to a piece of equipment
  • View history associated with a piece of equipment
  • How to add and edit equipment through the mobile application

Part 4: Using Custom Forms

Custom forms can be a tremendous tool to help guide technicians while they're in the field. This video will review best practices when using this powerful feature.

  • Who is able to enter information into a custom form
  • Explanations of the different fields related to custom forms
  • How add and review custom forms

Part 5: Quoting and Invoicing

In this video, we'll review how to create a quote and invoice from the field.

  • Where you can add billable and non-billable items to an invoice or quote
  • How to search and identify Items
  • Details on important and lesser-known fields for items

Part 6: Part Requests and Expenses

This video will show a technician how to create part requests and expenses.

  • How to begin creating part requests and expenses from the mobile application
  • Identify the important fields required to create part requests and expenses
  • Next steps after a part request or expense has been created

Part 7: Taking Payments and Completing Work Orders

Our next video shows us how to complete a mobile work order and how we can add payments.

  • How to navigate to the completion screen
  • Understand the payment process through manual entry or FieldEdge Payments
  • How a payment is associated with a work order

Part 8: Creating Customers and Work Orders

In this video, we'll show how a technician can create customers and work orders in the field.

  • How to search for an existing customer
  • How to add a new customer from the mobile application
  • How to create a work order for a customer

Part 9: Using Supervisor Mode

In our final video of the Mobile Training series, we will learn how to use the different features associated with supervisor mode.

  • Identify which users can use supervisor mode
  • How to find supervisor mode
  • Comprehensive understanding of the supervisor mode features
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