Release Notes: May 24, 2019


Adjustments to Work Order Tags

  • Added Tags to appear on the Work Order pop-up screen on the Dispatch Board
  • Added a new permission setting that will control if a user can add/remove Tags

Layout Template Enhancements

  • Added the ability to personalize the Billing Contact Label and Shipping Contact Label
  • Added the following new Sections to Layout Templates: Footer and Payments
    • Footer: Useful for providing a better location for information such as warranty or disclaimer information
    • Payments: Includes new Layout Elements such as Amount Paid and credit card Authorization Number
  • Added Sales Rep as a new Layout Element for the Work Order Info Section of an Invoice
  • Added a Paid stamp as a new Layout Element for the Billing Section of an Agreement Invoice

Additions to New Work Order pop-up on Dispatch Board

  • Added Upcoming Appointments, identifying upcoming service and/or maintenance appointments

Clarification for Payment Status and Overdue Balance

  • Work Order creation on the Call screen will now always display the Payment Status and Overdue Balance
    • Payment Status: Refers to the customer's open balance in QuickBooks.
    • Overdue Balance: Refers to the customer's total overdue balance.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • When searching for Equipment, users may now search by Manufacturer Number, Model Number, Name, or Equipment Type
  • Added Task Duration to the Anticipated Upcoming Events report
  • (On Mobile) Users may now drag and drop Items to an Invoice or Quote
  • (On Mobile) Improved user experience in mobile price book when viewing and selecting Item Categories
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