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The key to dispatching quickly and efficiently is understanding how the Book for Later feature works with Skills and Tasks. In this segment we will explore these concepts and how they can optimize your dispatching process.


Skills are proficiencies that can be assigned to Tasks and Technicians. This helps us identify which techs are best suited for certain tasks. When scheduling, Book for Later will show availability only for the techs that can perform the selected task.

To learn more about how to set up skills and how to assign them to your techs and tasks, click here.


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Let’s say that my company offers both HVAC and Electrical services. In this case I’ve got two Skills, one for Electrical and one for HVAC as shown below:


I’ve assigned each of my Techs and Tasks with a Skill to indicate what techs can perform which Tasks. Now, let’s say that an HVAC service call comes in and I select one of my HVAC Tasks and click Book for Later.


Because we assigned our Tasks and Techs with Skills, the availability that shows in this case will only be for my HVAC Techs, so I won’t accidentally promise the customer a time when we only have Electricians available.


But we’re not done yet! After we select a time and move out to the Dispatch Board, Skills can help us out again. When we select this Work Order on the Dispatch Board, Techs that have the Skill to perform this Task will be marked with a Star to make choosing a tech very easy.


We will even have a tech that has a Gold Star to indicate the tech that should be the closes to the selected Work Order address at the beginning of the promised time window for the customer. The helps keep techs in a smaller area, reduces windshield time and can ultimately be the difference in the tech completing an extra Work Order in a day.

To learn more about how to set up skills and how to assign them to your techs and tasks, click here.

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