Configuring your Agreements


Once an Agreement Item has been created, the next step is to configure the discounts and other logistics associated to the Agreement.

1. First, click on Settings and select Agreements from the Customers section.

2. Next, click into the Discount % field to enter savings that a customer may receive from the agreement.

Optional: The Next Counter field allows you to adjust the numerical value assigned to an agreement when it's been created.

3. By default, you'll be able to manually adjust the price of an agreement when the agreement item has been added to an invoice. If you do not wish this to happen, deselect the Allow Agreement Invoice Price Override box.

4. Show Agreement Savings allows you to display the discounts received from having an agreement. Make sure the Discount % field has a value or the customer will see a savings of zero dollars.

5. Allow Agreement Reserve enabled a more accurate understanding of the costs and profit associated with your agreements. Money is allocated to a particular reserve account, and pushed to the appropriate income account over the course of that agreement based on when a visit takes place.

Note: If this has been unchecked, this feature will be hidden. Please reach out to FieldEdge support if you wish to enable this feature or to learn more about it.

6.This feature allows FieldEdge to send out communication reminders to your customers on the weekends. This is useful if a customer has an appointment on a Monday, and you'd like to give them a heads-up the day prior.

7. Lastly, decide if you would like FieldEdge to Automatically Deactivate Agreements or if you'd rather Manually Deactivate Agreements.

8. When finished setting up your Agreements, select Save.

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