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FieldEdge allows you to attach a Customer Type to the customers in your database. This allows you to group specific sets of customers for easy identification. Being able to identify customers by type can prove profitable for growth, marketing, and easy information gathering. This article will walk through how to attach a Customer Type to any customer in FieldEdge.



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1. First, click on Customers from the left side menu.

2. From the customer list, choose an existing customer or click Add Customer to create a new customer.

3. In the Customer Information section, choose the Customer Type drop-down and select the desired Customer Type.

4. Verify and fill out any additional information for this customer.

5. When finished, click Update/Save to keep your changes.

You will now be able to see this customer has a Customer Type associated with them on the customer list. You can filter your customer list by Customer Type and can export that list for mass communication or reporting. Repeat these steps for any additional customers you want to associate with a Customer Type.

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