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Podium is a leading interaction platform for local businesses. Podium can give you the unfair advantage of winning more leads, earning repeat customers, or doing more as a team. With integration to Podium, FieldEdge can send vital information automatically. Podium will use that information to help drive your business interactions in a modern, convenient way.

For more information, be sure to view our partnered FieldEdge webinar, featuring Podium.

Connecting FieldEdge with Podium

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Already a Podium user? Follow the steps below to ensure FieldEdge is integrated with Podium, allowing data to be sent automatically to your Podium database.

1. In FieldEdge click Settings.

2. From the Company section, choose Global Settings.

3. Scroll down to the Integrations section and click the Enable button next to Podium.

  • Note: This generates the Podium required API key. You can revoke API access or generate a new key from this menu.

4. Contact your account manager at Podium and provide them the newly generated API Key.

Your FieldEdge should now be connected to your Podium database. FieldEdge will now be able to send requested information to your Podium database. Podium will use that data to help generate search engine clicks, reviews, and lead opportunities.

Learn More About Podium

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Have questions about Podium? Want to receive a demo and see how Podium can help increase your business? Use the information below to get in contact with Podium.

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1650 W. Digital Drive

Lehi, UT 84043


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