Navigating the Reminders List



When utilizing Reminders, you'll need a way to keep track and manage them. The Reminders List in FieldEdge will do just that. From the Reminders List, you can see all Reminders in FieldEdge, filter the list for upcoming or overdue Reminders, or export the list for further reporting capabilities. The following article will give you an overview of how to navigate the Reminders List.


The following instructions will provide an overview of how to navigate the Reminders List.

1. Go to the Reminders List by clicking Reminders from the left side menu.

2. Choose any date or status filters from the top filter selection. This could be used to display All, Pending, Next 7 Days, or Overdue Reminders.


3. Next, you can decide to filter the list further by selecting a custom Date Range, the reminder Status, the reminder Type, or by the Employee that created the reminder.


4. You can also choose to Edit, Complete, or Dismiss a Reminder directly from the list.

  • Note: Selecting Dismiss will cancel the Reminder and no longer display a notification going forward.


5. Finally, you can select a work order from this list to navigate to that specific work order, or you can Export the entire list for further reporting capabilities.

You can repeat these steps for any additional times you may need to navigate the Reminders List.

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