Manager: Quote Training



  • Number of Videos in Session: 2
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 5:35

Mastering Quotes is what separates a good FieldEdge user from a great FieldEdge user. The following series will cover concepts paramount to this process, as well as little known tips to help polish up your Quoting knowledge.

Part 1: Creating a Quote

In our first video, we'll learn the basics of creating a Quote, from the office, in FieldEdge.

  • How to add a Quote to a Customer
  • Understand the unique Statuses of a Quote
  • Learn about the different fields related to the Quote

Part 2: Tracking and Scheduling a Quote

In our next video, we will see how we can track the life of a Quote that has been created. Additionally, we will also learn how to work through the scheduling process of a Quote.

  • How to find Quotes that have been created
  • How to prepare a Quote for Scheduling
  • How to Schedule and manage a Quote
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