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Service Agreements are one of the most profitable things that a company can offer. Keeping track of these agreements can be quite a task. FieldEdge has a great service agreement module to help make that easier. However, there are times when a company may need to offer multiple agreements to a single customer. With FieldEdge we can allow for a customer to have multiple agreements and help keep you informed with the right information to keep track of those agreements.


The following article will go over how to create and track multiple agreements for a single customer.

Creating Multiple Agreements

Creating multiple agreements for a single customer is pretty much the same process as creating an agreement for a single agreement. The only difference will be that a piece of equipment can only be associated with a single agreement.

1. Navigate to the desired customer and click on the Agreement micro-dashboard.

2. Click Add Agreement.

3. Enter the agreement information. Such as the Billing and Maintenance schedule. Associate any Equipment for this agreement in the maintenance schedule section.

Note: A piece of equipment can only be associate with a single agreement.

4. When the agreement information has been entered, click Save.

The agreement has been created. Repeat these steps for any additional agreements you may need to create.

Tracking Multiple Agreements

Now that the customer has multiple agreements, you'll be given the information needed to track the agreements. To start, all of a customer's agreements will be shown in the Agreement list.\


You'll also be able to track all of the customer's agreements from the agreement micro-dashboard. You'll see a tab for each of the agreements along with any notifications of upcoming events for the agreements. Clicking on one of the agreement tabs will display that agreement's information below. You can bill or schedule the agreements from this screen, as you would with any standard agreement. When using multiple agreements you have the option of selecting one of them as the Default. This will use that agreement's pricing rules and associated discounts for this customer.


Repeat any of the steps above to create and track multiple agreements for a single customer. 

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