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Tasks, found within Work Orders, are a required field. They define the scope of work that should be performed on a Work Order and will appear on mobile, and may also be reported on back in the office.





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The following steps will help guide you to add new or modifying existing Tasks in FieldEdge. If you are looking for an explanation to a specific feature or option related to Tasks, check the Fields section for more information.

1.  First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the Work Orders section choose Tasks.

2. Next, from the Tasks list, decide if you wish to modify an existing Task or add a new Task.

  • To modify an existing Task, search and select the Task from the list.
  • To add a new Task, in the top right of the Task list click the Create Task button.

3. From the New Task or Edit Task screen, navigate through the different fields, creating or modifying your Task.

4. When you have finished creating or modifying your Task, in the top right click Create (or Save, if you are modifying).


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This is a required field that will show the display Name of your Task. This Name will be displayed to your technicians on mobile Work Orders and can be filtered on reports on the web. It is encouraged to keep a Task generic for any non-scheduled maintenance. If you work in multiple trades, you can append the Task to reflect the different trades. For example, placing HVAC-Diagnostic, to show this Diagnostic Task is for my HVAC trade.

  • Note: The max character limit for the Name field is 60 characters.

When selected, if a Work Order has been assigned a Task with a Class, then the Work Order Invoice will default to the selected Class. It is recommended to choose a Class for your Work Orders. This allows you to departmentalize revenue and costing, along with reporting in QuickBooks.

  • Note: Classes are a QuickBooks field and must setup in QuickBooks to see them in FieldEdge.

Tasks can be associated to Employee Skills. This is way for you to tell FieldEdge the required Skill to perform this Task. Your Employees then have Skills associated to them. FieldEdge can use that information to inform you of which Employees have the associated Skill when you’re trying to schedule a Work Order with this specific Task. Work Orders that will use Booked for Later will want this to be setup for proper use.

Minutes to Complete
This section is where you can assign the default estimated time it will take to complete this Task. When you schedule a Work Order with this Task, it will auto adjust to the default Minutes to Complete on the dispatch board. For example, if I set a Task to have 60 Minutes to Complete, when I go to schedule that Work Order it will automatically take up a one-hour time slot on the Dispatch Board.

  • Note: It’s recommended to have a minimum of 30 minutes for your Tasks Time to Complete.

Task Notes
The Task Notes will be default text that will appear in your Work Orders Call Notes when you create a Work Order with the specified Task. This is very useful for having predetermined questions you may want a Dispatcher to ask your customers when creating a Work Order. The Dispatcher can add or edit these notes when creating the Work Order and these notes will be visible by your technicians in the field.

This checkbox determines if the Task will show up as a possible option when choosing a Task for a Work Order. Marking this Active or not will not impact previously created Work Orders.

Will update or create your Task making it available for use in FieldEdge.

This button will allow you to leave this screen without saving any changes that may have been made.

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