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Use Tags settings to create and manage Tags in FieldEdge. You can utilize Tags to further identify and filter your work orders in FieldEdge.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge click Settings and then under the Company section choose Tags.

2. Now, enter a Tag Name or click Edit to configure an existing Tag.

3. When finished click Save on your edited Tag.

4. When finished click Create for new Tags or click Save to update FieldEdge with any changes you have made on an existing Tag.


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General Fields

  • Tag Name
    When creating a new Tag, enter the Tag Name in this field. This will be the display name and has a 25 character limit.
  • Create
    When creating a new Tag, enter the Tag Name and click the Create button to add it to your FieldEdge database.

Tag Name

This section will give a list of existing Tags in your FieldEdge database.

  • Edit
    Click this option to edit the Tag Name of an existing Tag.
  • Delete Tag
    Click this option to remove a Tag from FieldEdge. 
    • Note: This will remove the tag from anywhere it has been applied.
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