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With FieldEdge sending information into QuickBooks, there's a good chance that you'll be running a variety of reports. That includes customizing and filtering reports to see the information relevant to you and your business. One way to make this process easier is by creating a Memorized Report for the reports that you commonly use. This article will walk you through how to create those Memorized Reports in QuickBooks.


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Choose your version of QuickBooks below and follow the steps to create a Memorized Report.

QuickBooks Desktop

1. In the report window, click Memorize.

2. In the Memorize Report dialog box, type a unique Name for the report. 

  • Note: Memorized reports must have a unique Report Name. 

3. To save the report as part of an existing report group, mark the Save in Memorized Report Group checkbox and select the report group from the drop-down list. (Optional)

4. If you want other QuickBooks users to access this report, mark the Share this report template with others. (Optional)

5. click Ok to update QuickBooks and save your Memorized Report.

QuickBooks Online

1. Click Reports from the left side menu.

2. Open the report that you wish to customize.

3. Click Customize and edit this report with the desired information.

4. Click Run report.

5. Now, click Save customization.

6. Enter a unique Custom report name.

  • Note: Custom report names must be unique.

7. Add the report to a group by choosing the Add this report to a group drop-down and selecting the appropriate group. (Optional)

8. If you want to share this report with other users click All in the Share with drop-down. If not, choose None.

9. When finished, click Save to update QuickBooks with your custom report.


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