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Use the Equipment Type section to add or deactivate specific equipment types that can be associated with equipment model numbers.

Click HERE to download a full list of the current Equipment Types in FieldEdge.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then under the Equipment section, choose Equipment Type.

2. Next, check the box next to the equipment type and click Edit to configure existing Equipment Types, or click Add Equipment Type to create a new type.

3. Now, enter the Name, Industry, and Life Expectancy.

4.  When you have finished adding your Equipment Type, click Save to update FieldEdge.


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General Fields

  • Search
    Use the search box to narrow your Equipment Type list. You can search by Name and Industry Type.


  • Status
    Check to mark this Equipment Type as Active or Inactive
  • Cancel
    Click this button if you would like to go to the previous screen without recording any of the changes you have made on this screen.
  • Save
    Click this button to update Fieldedge with the changes you may have made on this screen.


  • Include Inactive
    Select this filter to include any inactive Equipment Types on your list.
  • All
    This is the default filter of the Equipment Types list. This will display all active Equipment Types.
  • Industry
    Use this additional filter to narrow your search by a specific industry.

List Headers

  • Equipment Type
    Lists the name of the Equipment Type.
  • Industry
    Displays which Industry the Equipment Type is associated with.

Add Equipment Type

  • Equipment Type Name
    This is a required field that will show the display name of this Equipment Type.
  • Life Expectancy
    This is a required field that will be used to determine the replacement period of this equipment type. Enter the Life Expectancy in years.
  • Industry
    This is a required field that will associate this Equipment Type with a specific Industry.
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