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Work order status codes have many functions in FieldEdge. They can be a way to track the technician's progress on a task, to show that a job needs a part ordered, or even that a work order was canceled. It's important to know what each status code means. This article will display each status code and its intended definition.

Status Codes

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The Pending status code refers to a work order that is waiting for its next action. This is typically the status code of an unassigned work order that is waiting to be scheduled for a technician. Or it can already be scheduled to a technician but waiting for that technician to begin traveling to the service location.


When a work order has been assigned to a technician, the status will update to Scheduled. This status allows office users the ability to filter the work order list to see what work orders have or have not been assigned.


There are times a work order cannot continue until a particular part is available. In those cases, a part request should be created on the work order. When that work order has a part request created you'll have the option of marking the work order as Backordered. This allows transparency on the dispatch board and work order list to display work orders that are awaiting ordered parts.


When a work order has been finished and the task performed, an employee will typically mark the status as Completed. When a work order is in completed status it can still be edited and modified in FieldEdge but it has not yet been posted to QuickBooks. This is commonly used to show the work order is finished and awaiting someone to review the information and post it to QuickBooks, after making any necessary modifications.


Before a work order can post financial information to QuickBooks it must be set as Finalized. When a work order has been completed a user can change the status to Finalize. This allows FieldEdge to send any invoice, payment, and cost information to QuickBooks. When the work order is Finalized changes may still be made to the work order in FieldEdge and re-finalized. This will send the newly updated information to QuickBooks.

  • Note: There may be times that a FieldEdge agent recommends making changes to a work order in QuickBooks. However, if you can make a change to the work order, it's recommended you do so in FieldEdge.


Sometimes a customer may need to cancel their request. In those situations, you can mark a work order as Canceled. This will remove the work order from the dispatch board, but it will not delete the work order. This allows you to keep track of the work order and that it was canceled. When a work order is set to Canceled a reason for cancellation will be required.


When a work order has been assigned to a technician, the ability to mark a work order as Traveling will become available. This will track the assigned technician's time on the work order, along with adding the total Traveling time to the employee's time entries.


When a technician has been assigned a work order, there may be times that require them to stop their working time on that job. For example, the technician takes a lunch while working a large job. Switching the work order to Paused allows the time entry to stop tracking during this time. When the technician is finished and ready to begin the task again, they can then switch the status back to the appropriate working status code.

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