How to troubleshoot scenarios with FieldEdge Payments


When working with Clearent integration, there may be times that things do not go according to plan. In these scenarios you will be presented with a particular message or code. The following information is designed to help provide guidance on how to proceed with these messages.

Transaction Failed


  • Details: Transaction destination cannot be found for routing:unknown bin
  • Cause: This error occurs when a Customer enters a card with no associated routing number.
  • Resolution: Retry swiping with a valid credit or debit card.

Transaction Failed


  • Details: Transaction Declined by Card Issuer
  • Cause: This message will appear when the Credit Card has been declined.
  • Resolution: Have the Customer use an alternative payment method.

Please correct invalid entries


  • Details: Please correct invalid entries
  • Cause: This message appears when required information, is incorrect or, has not been provided to specific fields.
  • Resolution: Provide specified information in designated fields and retry payment.

Transaction Failed


  • Details: Card Stolen - pickup
  • Cause: Error occurs when a card has been declined due to possible theft.
  • Resolution: Refer to your companies policy on the possibility of theft, or request an alternative method of payment.

We were unable to process your payment


  • Details: Please verify your card details and try again or contact us to complete your order.
  • Cause: Occurs when a manual transaction with AVS has been enabled in FieldEdge but has not been enabled in Clearent.
  • Resolution: Enable AVS in Clearent then retry payment in FieldEdge mobile.



  • Cause: This error appears when attempting a refund to a customer when the refund has already been processed.
  • Resolution: If attempting a refund, no action is required. The refund should be listed in Virtual Terminal directly above the entry you're attempting to refund.


  • Details: Card swipe not enabled on your account
  • Cause: Your Clearent keys are not correct.
  • Resolution: Please contact Clearent for new keys and then enter them in to FieldEdge by going to Settings and clicking on Payment Processing.
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