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Tracking employee labor costs is an important metric to report on when running a business. FieldEdge can associate classes to employee payroll time entries and post them to QuickBooks, allowing you to report on the labor costs of your different departments.


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Use the below instructions to associate a class to your employee payroll and learn how to view and verify the class on employee time entries.

Employee Settings

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To begin you will need to associate the default class that will be used for each employee in FieldEdge. This will be the default class that appears on each employee's timesheet in QuickBooks, for idle time entries.

  • Note: If needed, this class can be adjusted manually on timesheets in QuickBooks. Class is to be used for idle time entries only. Traveling and working time entries will have the class from the work order.


1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings and under the People section choose Employees.

2. Next, select the desired Employee.

3. In the Accessibility section, under the Employee tab choose the Default Class drop-down and select the appropriate class.

4. When finished, click Update to save your changes in FieldEdge.

Your employees will now have their time entries and attached labor costs associated with the chosen class. Repeat these steps for your additional employees.

Remember, Default Class will be used for Idle time entries only. "Traveling" and "Working" time entries will have the class from the Work Order.

Time Entries

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Use the following instructions to view and verify the class associated with employee time entries. 

  • Note: You will not be able to edit the default class on these time entries. Any modifications to the class of time entries will need to be made in QuickBooks after they've been posted.


1. In FieldEdge click Settings and under the People section choose Time Entries.

2. Next, choose the Employee with the desired Week of.

3. Now, select the appropriate Time Entry.

4. Verify the Class that is associated with this Time Entry.

If the time entry is for traveling or working on a work order, the class listed comes from the class set on the associated work order. If the time entry is idle time, which is not associated with a work order, the class is read from the employee's settings.

If this entry needs to be modified, then you will need to do so in your accounting system after the time entry has been posted.

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