How to track Customer contact attempts in FieldEdge


Sometimes you may need to contact a Customer to determine the date and time of a service request. However, there may be scenarios where you are unable to reach your Customer. The following process may be helpful in tracking, and accountability, when you have reached out to a Customer.

Setting up Contact Attempt Tracking in FieldEdge

The first thing we need to do in order to track these contact attempts is create a few Dispatch Priorities. These codes, once created, will be applied to Work Orders after contact attempts have been made.

1. In FieldEdge, go to Settings and select Dispatch Priority in the Work Order section.



2. Next, click Add Dispatch Priority in the top right.


3. On the New Dispatch Priority screen, provide a way to identify the contact attempt by assigning a Name.

Example: 1st Call, 2nd Call, and 3rd Call, are commonly used to identify these contact attempts.


4. When finished creating the Dispatch Priority, select the Create button. Repeat this process as many as needed until you have created all of the contact attempt priorities.


5. Next we need to configure our dispatching board to quickly identify these call attempts. Click on Dispatching in the left menu.


6. Choose the configuration icon on the Dispatch Board and select the dispatch Priority box. The Dispatch Board will automatically save the selection you have made.


7. With the Dispatch Board configured, the next step will be to configure our maintenance Tasks. Click Settings and choose Tasks.



8. A best practice here is to make sure your maintenance Tasks are associated with a prefix of PM -, this will make them easier to identify quickly.


Note: If you wish to apply the PM - prefix to your maintenance Tasks, you may do this by clicking on a Task in the list, applying the PM - prefix to the Name field, and then selecting the Save button.

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Using Contact Attempt Tracking in FieldEdge

Once the configuration of your call attempts, Dispatch Board, and Tasks has been set up, you can begin working on these followups.

1. First, click on Dispatching to open the Dispatch Board.


2. Next we want to sort our Work Orders by their Priority, click on the Priority header.


3. Scroll through the list or use the search field to look for the Work Order. when located, click the Work Order #.


4. Attempt to reach out to the. If you reached out to the customer, proceed as normal. If unable to reach the customer, we will want to apply a contact attempt priority to the Work Order.

5. Right-click the Go To Details link and choose Open in a New Tab. If you have a mouse wheel, clicking the mouse wheel will accomplish the same thing.


6. On the customer's Timeline, provide a Note about the results of your call.


7. In the top-right corner of the Work Order Details screen, click into the Priority field and select one of the contact attempt priorities that corresponds to the attempt made.

Example: If this is the 2nd, unsuccessful, attempt at calling the customer, choose the 2nd Call priority. 


8. Click Save in the top right to update the Work Order, when prompted, be sure to leave the Work Order as Status Unchanged.



Repeat this process until you have run through all of your call attempts.

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