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Categories can be created and assigned to your items. This will allow your technicians to filter your items list into particular categories, making it easier to find the items they need.



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1. First, in the top right of FieldEdge, click Settings and then in the Inventory section, choose Categories.

2. Next, select an existing category to edit, or click Add Category to create a new category.

3. Now, edit or enter a Name, Picture, and choose if this is a Sub-Category of another category.

4. When you have finished configuring your category, click Save to update FieldEdge with your changes.


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Click the square to locate a picture file on your computer. This picture will be associated with the category and visible from the FieldEdge mobile application.


Enter a display name of this category in this field. This is a required field with a character limit of 60.


Check this box to then use the drop-down box to select the category that this new category will be under. For example, you may want to have a 1" sub-category under the "Filters" category.


Uncheck this box to make this category no longer active. It will no longer display as an option when associating items to a category.


Click this button if you would like to go to the previous screen without recording any of the changes you may have made on this screen.


Click this button to update FieldEdge with the changes you may have made on this screen.


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