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When using classes in FieldEdge you can departmentalize your sales and costs. One way FieldEdge can help to automate this function is by assigning a class to a task. This will designate the class on your work orders with the class assigned to that work order's task. This article will show you how to assign your classes to tasks.

  • Note: This function will set the default class for the specified task. You will still be able to change the class in FieldEdge or QuickBooks manually.



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Use the steps below to assign a class with a specific task. 

1. First, click on Settings and under the Work Orders section choose Tasks.

2. Now, click on the desired Task that you want to associate to a Class.

3. In the Class drop-down choose the desired Class.

4. Finally, click Save to update this task.

Your Class is now assigned to this task. When you create a work order with this task FieldEdge will automatically default to using the associated Class. Repeat these steps for any additional tasks that need to be assigned a Class.

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