How to notify your technicians of their assigned work


Keeping up with scheduling changes can be tough. Customers change appointments, jobs run short or long, new work comes in. Technicians need to know about schedule changes that affect their day, or when work is assigned on the weekend.

Once enabled in your FieldEdge settings by an office admin, technicians will receive mobile push notifications when there are assignment changes that affect their day and when there are assignment changes for the upcoming weekend. These notifications ensure that mobile users are kept up to date about last-minute or after-hours schedule changes so that they show up at the right place at the right time.

Specifically, mobile users are notified when:

  • They receive a new assignment
  • One of their existing assignments is changed to another time
  • An existing assignment is removed or the work order is canceled 

Once setup, your technicians will receive notifications on their mobile devices indicating assigned work they should perform.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings and then select Global Settings.


2. Scroll down to Push Notifications.


Send Push Notifications for Assignments Occurring within _ hrs: Selecting this option will enable a notification to be sent to your technician depending on the numerical value entered into the blank space.

Always Send Work Order Reminders to Technicians for Upcoming Weekend Assignments: If selected, and a technician has an assigned work order on the weekend, the technician will receive a notification.

3. When finished configuring Push Notifications, click Save.


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