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  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 13:59

Residential installation projects or large commercial projects can take days, weeks, or even months. These long-running jobs can be demanding, requiring detailed tracking of equipment, as well as parts estimated and used across multiple work orders.

FieldEdge allows you to manage multiple quotes and work orders as a single job and track a customer's equipment-related specifically to a job. In addition, you can monitor the expected profitability and gross margin performance for the entire job.

Part 1: Create a Job

In our first video, we'll learn about the different types of Jobs and how to create them.

  • Identify the Benefits of a Job
  • Learn About the Different Types of Jobs
  • Learn How to Create a Job

Part 2: Create a Work Order for a Job

In our second video, we'll learn how to manage the different components within a Job.

  • How to create a Work Order for a Job
  • How to Schedule a Work Order for a Job
  • Benefits of grouping Work Orders under a Job

Part 3: Create an Invoice for a Job

After we've learned how to create a Work Order for a Job, the next step will be to see how Invoices related to a Job should be created.

  • How to create an Invoice for a Job
  • Identify the differences between Job and Non-Job Invoices
  • Learn the next steps when working with Invoices for Jobs

Part 4: Progressive Bill a Job

With the general concepts of Jobs under our belt, our next video dives into the more advanced concept of Progressive Billing. This video will explain Progressive Billing and how FieldEdge users should manage these specific scenarios.

  • How to track the progress or status of a Progressive Bill
  • How to start and complete a Progressive Bill
  • How a Progressive Bill impacts associated Quotes

Part 5: Track Profitability of a Job

FieldEdge provides a high level of visibility about the health of your Jobs. This video outlines how to use FieldEdge to track and understand the important metrics of your Jobs.

  • See how FieldEdge tracks your Job's Profitability
  • Identify Cost and Revenue of your Jobs
  • How Job Costs impact your Jobs summary
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