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QuickBooks Enterprise users have the option of tracking inventory items by warehouses. FieldEdge can assist with some tasks by allowing you to automatically sync inventory items in QuickBooks when an employee invoices that item.

  • Note: To utilize warehouses in FieldEdge, you will need to be using QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory and have warehouses created in QuickBooks.


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Use the instructions below to set up warehouse utilization in FieldEdge and relinquish items from warehouses when utilized on an invoice. 

Set up warehouse utilization

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Before you can relinquish items on invoices you'll need to setup FieldEdge to utilize warehouses and assign them to your employees. Use the steps below to set up the defaults to be used when utilizing warehouses.

1. In FieldEdge, click on Settings and under the People section choose Employees.

2. Now select an employee that will have a warehouse associated with them.

3. Under the QuickBooks Information section select the Default Warehouse to be used when this employee utilizes an inventory item on an invoice or part request.

4. Next, click the User tab for this employee and under the Mobile section choose the Item Warehouse Changes permission that will be used when this employee uses an inventory item on an invoice.

  • Note: If the Any Warehouse permission is chosen, this employee will be able to designate an inventory item to any warehouse. This is useful for a technician that adds an item to an invoice, but the item was used from another technician's warehouse.

5. Click Update to save your changes.

6. Now, click Settings and under the Company section choose Global Settings.

7. In the Expenses and Part Requests section, select the Default Inventory Part Request Items to Warehouse and choose to default part request items to a Specific Warehouse, or to default to the Warehouse for a Technician Adding Line Item.

  • Note: The warehouse chosen for part requests will default when a purchase order is created from that part request. You will be able to change this warehouse on the purchase order in QuickBooks if needed.

8. Click Save to update FieldEdge with your warehouse information.

Selling items from a warehouse

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Now that warehouses are set up, use the instructions below to verify warehouses when selling an inventory item.



1. In the FieldEdge mobile application, select the desired work order.

2. When ready, click Add then search and select the inventory item to be used on this invoice. 

3. From the item screen, you'll see a dropdown that shows the Warehouse that will be used for this item.

Note: Depending on the user permissions for this employee, they may be able to change the warehouse used for this item.

4. Repeat the above steps for any additional inventory items you may need to add to the invoice.

5. Now, follow your typical workflow for the work order.

When this work order is completed and finalized to QuickBooks it will relinquish this item from inventory and impact the proper GL accounts.



1. In FieldEdge, select the desired invoice.

2. When ready, add the Item(s) to be invoiced for this customer.

3. Next, verify the Warehouse for each of the inventory items added to this invoice.

Note: The warehouses can be changed for each inventory item but will not affect quantities until the invoice has been finalized and posted to QuickBooks.

4. Now, follow your typical workflow for this invoice.

When this invoice is finalized and posted to QuickBooks it will relinquish the inventory items from the proper warehouses and impact the proper GL accounts.


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