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  • Number of Videos in Session: 3
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 6:43

When working with FieldEdge and adding Items to Invoices and Quotes, there will be times you need to place orders for those parts or track and manage those items. FieldEdge simplifies this process with Part Requests and Expenses to help save time and take control of your inventory.

Part 1: Initial Setup

Our first video guides you through the general, initial process, of preparing your FieldEdge so that you and your technicians can order parts.

  • How to configure FieldEdge Global Settings for ordering parts
  • Identify the different required settings for Expenses
  • Understand how FieldEdge communicates Part Requests to QuickBooks

Part 2: Create a Part Request in the Office

In our next video, we will see how Part Requests are created in the office.

  • Where to initiate Part Requests in FieldEdge
  • Navigate the important fields for Part Requests
  • Understand what happens next with Part Requests

Part 3: Create a Vendor Credit in the Office

In our previous video, we learned about Part Requests and how to create them in FieldEdge. Our next video focuses on creating a Vendor Credit in FieldEdge.

  • Where to initiate a Vendor Credit in FieldEdge
  • Identify the important fields specific to a Vendor Credit
  • Next steps after the Vendor Credit has been created
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