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Over the past six months, our team has been hard at work implementing many improvements to our FieldEdge Mobile application. We're committed to making it easier for your technicians in the field to get their job done as efficiently as possible. These improvements include new features, enhancements, stability improvements, and bug fixes designed to increase efficiency. Click on the topics below to see the expanded list of detailed improvements for the FieldEdge mobile application.

New Features and Enhancements

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1. Ability to search for completed work orders on the work order list. Able to search by work order number, customer name, or address.

2. Technicians can now reassign the primary technician role on a current work order to another technician by clicking the "Multiple Assignments" link within the work order.

3. Mobile supervisors can schedule assignments for unavailable time slots.

4. When completing custom forms, the text box now expands with the length of the text that is being entered, making it easier for techs to see what has been typed.

5. With proper employee permissions enabled, technicians and mobile supervisors can view, add, and delete tags on work orders within the mobile app.

6. When a customer is marked "Bill from Office", pricing information for part requests are now hidden on the mobile app in addition to hiding item pricing.

7. With proper employee permissions enabled, technicians can make calls and send emails directly from the mobile customer screen, streamlining workflow in the field.

Payment Features and Enhancements

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1. ACH information can now be saved and applied to recurring payments for a customer when using FieldEdge Payments.

2. Technicians can now accept payment on work orders that have already been completed.

3. Implemented display alert with an option to retry when a credit card payment is attempted but does not return an authorization number.

4. Complete redesign of the payment screen to make it easier to accept payments in the field.

Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes

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1. Change to display error message, when the user has completed a work order on another device. This helps prevent users from losing or overwriting data when they switch from one device to another.

2. Display proper error message and remove completed work order in cases the user switches between devices. This helps prevent users from losing or overwriting data when they switch from one device to another.

3. Fix to show associated item even though the item is included in a quote option.

4. Fix to display proper error message in case an incorrect username or password is entered.

5. On the completion screen, when choosing the checkbox to send the select email, the selection was limited to the checkbox area only.

6. Update to support Clearent EMV audio jack swiper with iOS 13.

7. Set Clearent EMV auto-config to false by default as most of the swipers are now pre-configured.

8. Fix for an error where the object reference error was given instead of the actual error message in cases where the work order was reassigned from the Web while the technician is in the work order details screen trying to change the work order status.

9. Fix to allow editing flat rate item quantity even though the quantity is less than 1. Example, 0.5 quantity.

10. Fix for the issue where a mobile supervisor mode was able to assign work orders for technicians unavailable times.

11. Fix for one of the iOS specific UI issues when there are several tags added to the work order.

12. Update for a few scenarios observed during internal log review to avoid mobile crashes.

13. Update of Android XML file to include Clearent swiper support for some of the new Android devices. Devices listed below.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960U
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5)

14. Fix to display proper timeout message in cases EMV readers fail to connect if the device is off.

15. Fix for scenarios where customer has items that do not have a category that shows up in a category drill down.

16. Fix for scenarios where customer has a category that when selected in the price book, allows searching of the entire parts list.

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