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Recommended Items are a fantastic way for your technicians to provide the best customer experience while also increasing their revenue opportunities. This feature is primarily used on the FieldEdge mobile application.

Unlike an Upgrade Item, which when selected will replace the original Item, Recommended Items are added in addition to the original selection. Think of Recommended Items as perfect pairings to go with the original Item.


Our technician would select their 4 Ton Trane Tam7 Air Handler and the Recommended Items would compliment this selection, including a UV Light and an Air Cleaner. Potentially increasing our Indoor Air Quality revenue.

Original Item Selected: 4 Ton Trane Tam7 Air Handler

Upgrade Items: UV Light and Air Cleaner

How To:

This process is typically done after Items have been added to FieldEdge. Check out our Item Training videos for a refresher on how to manage Items in FieldEdge.

1. In FieldEdge, select the Items list from the left menu.

2. Search for and select the Item that requires a Recommended Item.

3. In the Edit Item screen, scroll down to the Upgrade items & Recommended items section.

4. Next, in the Recommended Item section, click into the Select an Item field and search and select any applicable recommendations.

5. When finished, to keep the changes you have made, click the Save button.

At this point, the recommendations have been applied and a technician will see these when the Item has been added to an Invoice.

To get a better idea of what a Technician sees when they add an item to an Invoice or Quote, check out Part 5: Add Items to Invoice Quote.

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