How does payroll work with FieldEdge?


FieldEdge allows you post the Time Entries from your technicians work orders to QuickBooks as TimeSheets. Time Entries are created from the times your technicians spend on Work Orders, Traveling, and Clocked into the FieldEdge mobile application.

Time Entries in FieldEdge

  1. In FieldEdge, navigate to Settings in the top right and then select Time Entries under the People section.
  2. The Time Entries screen will show you all un-posted times for the last 15 days by default. The times listed will be grouped by Week.
    • Note: These filters can be changed to include different time periods/posted entries, or entries of specific technicians.

Per Employee Time Entry Details

  1. Clicking into an Employee's time entries will take you to a detailed breakdown of the selected week.
  2. Here you’ll see the individual time entries for that week. You can also enter additional time through the Add Time button, and edit the individual entries by clicking into them.
    • Idle: Time spent clocked in on the Mobile App without a Work Order in the Working or Traveling Status.
    • Traveling: Time spent with a Work Order in the Traveling Status.
    • Working: Time spent with a Work Order in the Working Status.

Post Employee Time Entries to QuickBooks

  1. In order to post a Time Entry to QuickBooks, first click into the Employee for whom you wish to post entries.
  2. From their list of Time Entries, select all of the check boxes associated with the entries you wish to post. The check box is positioned to the left of each entry.
  3. Once all entries have been selected, click on Post to QuickBooks. These entries will appear in QuickBooks as Timesheets.
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