Setting up the Agreement Plans


The Agreement Plan is the third component in the agreement equation and controls the selling of the Agreement Item.

1. Click on Settings and select Agreement Plans from the Customers section.

2. On the Agreement Plan list, select Add Plan.

3. First, provide an identification for the plan by filling out the Agreement Plan Name field.

4. Next, select the Agreement Item that you created in part one of "Getting Started with Agreements."

Note: The Price field will inherit the value associated with the Agreement Item you previously selected.

Optional: If you use Job Classes in QuickBooks, you may associate the appropriate selection using the Class field.

5. Next, you may provide a brief explanation of the agreement using the Description field.

6. Selecting Use Standard Pricing Rules will auto-populate the Pricing and Flat Rate Settings sections.

Note: Pricing information will be provided from what you provided in part two of "Getting Started with Agreements." Flat Rate Settings will be provided based on the Flat Rate Settings you configure in FieldEdge.

Optional: If Use Standard Pricing has not been selected, you may manually fill out the Pricing and Flat Rate Settings sections.

7. When finished setting up the Agreement Plan, click Create.

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