How do I track what my technicians are selling?


There may be times that you want to be able to report on the different aspects of your agreements and answer some of the following questions:

  • See how many agreements your salespeople have sold?
  • See what customers have purchased agreements?
  • See that each customer has the correct agreement?
  • See if the correct salesperson received credit for their sale?

1. In FieldEdge, click on Reports.

2. Select the Employee section.

3. From the Employee Reports list, select the Invoiced Items by Employee report and choose Completed.



1. Search by Employee, Items: Here you can look up a particular employee or a specific item.

2. Filters: Further narrow the results of your search by more specific criteria.

  • all: Selecting this will broaden your search results to include all possibilities.
  • agreements: Narrow your search results to only include Agreements.
  • all employees: Selecting this will allow you to narrow the search by a particular employee.
  • all categories: Selecting this will allow you to narrow the search by item categories.
  • WO status: This will let you specify a particular group of Work Orders by their Status.
  • last 30 days: This filter will allow you to search by a particular date range.

3. Export: You may download the data of this report in a .CSV / Excel format.

4. Headers: This row provides identification for the columns and their respective details.

  • Invoice Date: the date listed on the invoice.
  • Category: the category that a particular item, on an invoice, has been assigned.
  • Item: the specific item sold on the Invoice.
  • Description: the description field associated with the item.
  • Customer: the customer associated to the work order.
  • WO#: the numerical classification of the work order.
  • Agreement: the type of agreement associated to the work order.
  • Qty. Sold: the quantity of items sold on an invoice.
  • Total Sold: value based on the number of items sold multiplied by their price.

5. Total by Employee: The sum of value in the Total Sold column. 

6. Employee: the name of a particular employee being reported.

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