How do I automatically schedule my Agreements to a technician?


If your company has contractual agreements with customers that require routine services performed, being able to automatically post those Work Orders may be a useful time saving feature for you.

To accomplish this goal FieldEdge offers the ability to select a Technician and a specific time, when creating a maintenance schedule.

Enabling Agreement Scheduling with Technician and Time

1. In FieldEdge, select Settings along the top menu bar and choose Agreements Settings from the Customer section.


2. In the Agreement Setup screen, navigate to the Scheduling section. Here you will see a new checkbox for “Allow users to select a technician and time when creating a maintenance schedule.” If selected, you may then enter a value into the “Agreements should be Posted _ Days in Advance.”

3. Entering a value into this field will tell FieldEdge to automatically post Agreement Work Orders to the Dispatch Board based on their Technician and the Time of the Work Order.


Important: If this feature has been enabled and a Technician is no longer with your company, any assigned Agreement Work Orders will be posted as an Unassigned Work Order.

How do I prevent FieldEdge from posting Work Orders associated to a Technician no longer with our company?

First, you'll want to identify the Work Orders associated with a particular Technician that no longer works with your company.

1. This can be done by clicking on Reports from the left menu. Then select Agreement in the Interactive Reports section, and choose the Anticipated Upcoming Events report.


2. Once in the report, you may use the filters to help quickly identify any of your upcoming events by a number of different criteria. Select the Edit Filters filter and choose Tech and click Save.


3. With the results of your search narrowed, click one of the records associated with an Agreement in the list results.

4. Next, click the blue hyperlink and you'll be navigated to the Agreement. Here you'll see the Maintenance Schedule and a line will show the Technician associated with a specific Task. Click into the Tech field and select the new Technician.


5. When finished making the adjustment to the Agreement, click the Update button.


Repeat this process as many times as you need until all Work Orders associated with the Technician have been modified.


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