Creating recommendations when completing a work order


When a technician is onsite, they’re tasked with being a pillar of knowledge for that customer. They depend on the recommendations provided by the expert technicians, but the customer may need to think about those recommendations or talk it over with their household.

FieldEdge will allow you to leave those recommendations with the customer, reinforcing the knowledge the technician is offering, along with allowing FieldEdge the ability to track these recommendations.

The below instructions will go over how a mobile technician can leave recommendations of items, services, and next steps with a customer on the FieldEdge application.



1. In the desired customer work order, navigate to the Items page.

2. Click Add to search for your desired items and services.

3. Find and select the check box in the top right corner of the item, to add it to the invoice.

  • Note: You can also click the Item and choose Add Item to add it to the invoice.

4. If the customer decides they do not want this item or service now, click the Move to Quote button to remove the item from the invoice and add it to the quote.

5. Repeat these steps for any additional items that you’d like to offer, but the customer is not ready to proceed.

6. Continue with your work order as usual and change the Status to Complete when the work order is finished.

This will complete the work order but will also allow FieldEdge to send the standard invoice to your customer, with all items that were recommended on the quote, at the bottom of that invoice.

FieldEdge will also create that pending Quote in the system, allowing you to follow up on the recommendations.

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