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A common practice when selling is giving an estimate of what a job might entail before performing that task. During these interactions, you may ask for a deposit or prepayment before you can schedule the work to be done. FieldEdge will allow this type of interaction by accepting prepayments on a Quote. 


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Follow the instructions below to learn how to enter a prepayment on a Quote from either the office or as a technician in the field.

FieldEdge Web

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1. Begin by selecting the desired quote from either the quote list or the customer screen.

2. From the quote, you'll need to verify the status of the quote has been Accepted.

  • Note: If a Quote has already been accepted and scheduled for a new work order,  you'll need to take the prepayment on the newly created work order.

3. From the accepted quote, click on the Payments tab.

4. On the payments screen, enter the prepayment information and click Save, then choose Status Unchanged.

You'll now see the payment recorded and the quote balance updated. When this Quote is finalized the prepayment will be seen as a credit for this customer in QuickBooks. 

FieldEdge Mobile

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1. Log into the FieldEdge mobile application and navigate to the desired Quote.

  • Note: You will need to be in a Working status to continue with the next steps.

2. Make sure that you have entered all the information on the quote and check the Accept Quote box.

3. A new option will display at the bottom of the quote. Click Authorize to navigate to an overview of the accepted information.

4. If the customer agrees and is ready to make a prepayment, click Authorize.

5. From the Authorization screen, you can mark and Get Signature from your customer. (Optional)

6. Click Continue to Payments to be navigated to the payments screen.

7. From the Payments screen, enter the payment information and choose Submit.

8. Click the Back arrow to return to your work order.

From this point, your quote has been created, a payment recorded and the work order is now ready to continue. You can finish entering any work order information and complete the work order when you're ready. When this work order is finalized the prepayment will be seen as a credit for this customer in QuickBooks.


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