How to add an Equipment Form on mobile


You may encounter a scenario where multiple forms are required for the job. The FieldEdge Mobile allows for multiple forms to be assigned.

Detailed Steps

1. On your FieldEdge Mobile, from the Work Order List, tap into a Work Order.

2. Swipe left until you reach the Equipment screen.

3. Make sure there is a piece of Equipment listed on this screen.

Optional: If there is not Equipment listed, click Add and proceed with adding at least one piece of Equipment.

4. Continue to swipe left until you reach the Forms screen.

5. In the Forms screen, below the Task Form section, look for your Equipment by name and tap Add.

6. From the list of Task Forms, place a check box in each of the Additional Equipment Forms that you'd like to add to the Work Order.

7. When you're finished selecting forms for the Work Order, tap Save.

8. You'll return to the Forms screen, and now will be able to fill out any of the added forms by tapping into a particular Task Form.

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