How to create a Quote in the office


There may be times that you need to provide an estimate to a customer but do not need to go through the entire work order process. This can be accomplished using the Quote Only process.

Before we can begin creating the Quote, we must first locate the customer.

1. First, click on Customers.


2. From the Customers screen, use the Search field to look up the customer.


3. Click on the customer from the returned results.


4. Select the Quote box on the micro dashboard.


5. Next, you'll pick Add Quote.


6. Now that we've begun creating the Quote we can move onto navigating the Quote screen.

1. First, select the Lead Source.


2. Next, confirm the Bill to address is correct.


Optional: If you wish, you can click into the drop down and search for a different customer to be the Bill to address. This Quote will still remain associated with the original customer.

3. Now, confirm the Quote Date. By default the date will be the date you created the quote, but can be adjusted.


4. The Expiration Date will default to 30 days from the Quote Date, but this can be adjusted.


5. Click into the Sales Rep field and pick an employee to associate to the Quote.


6. Once an Item has been included on the Quote, a Status field will appear. By default, Pending will be the initial Status. If the Quote is declined or ignored, you can select Rejected.

 Optional: The Quote # field will automatically fill in when the Quote is Created. You may, alternatively, manually type a number into this field.

7. Next, add your Item(s) to the Quote through the Select an Item field.


8. Once you have finished adding Item(s) to the Quote, click Create.


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