Creating Markup Codes


Markup Codes allow FieldEdge to automatically calculate your Item prices based on a percentage Markup of your Item's Cost.

1. First, select Settings from the top menu.


2. Next, choose Markup Settings from the Company section.


3. From the Markup Settings screen, click the Add Markup button.


4. Provide a way that this Markup code will be recognized by assigning a Name.


5. Choose to apply your Markup Code on items based on Average Cost or its base Cost.


Note: "Average" Cost is automatically calculated in the accounting system on an ongoing basis as you purchase, sell, and receive items. "Cost" is a user-definable value on the item that can be freely adjusted.

6. In the Cost Range fields, enter the Cost amount and the Markup percentage that will be applied to calculate the price for each range. You can click the plus icon to add up to 8 total Cost Ranges.


Example: If you enter a Cost Range from $0 to $10.00 and set the Markup percentage to 500% the price of the item will be $60 if the items cost was $10.

7. Once the Cost Ranges have been established, click Create to save this Markup Code to your FieldEdge database.





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