Release Notes: April 19, 2019


This release features the addition of Coolfront integration, and an expansion to our online consumer payments. Additionally, we've added some quality of life improvements. Keep reading for all the details!

New Integration: Coolfront


Users working with the Coolfront flat rate items may now integrate their pricebook directly into FieldEdge. The addition of Coolfront integration enables you to provide your customers with consistent, upfront pricing that combines labor rate, material cost, and desired markup for parts seamlessly into FieldEdge's existing pricebook.

Important: To take advantage of Coolfront integration, FieldEdge users need to have purchased a CoolFront pricebook.

New Feature: Online Consumer Payments

In our last release we provides users, with FieldEdge payments, the ability to provide their customers an online payment portal. This addition increased the chances of getting your money faster. While our last up provided an online payment portal for standard invoices, this update expands this feature to include agreement invoices.

  • Note: Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer and stopped supporting new web standards for it, opening the door for more cybersecurity threats than other browsers. Because of this increased risk, the decision was made that FieldEdge, and Online Consumer Payments by extension will not support Internet Explorer. If a consumer opens their invoice link using Internet Explorer, they will be instructed to use a different browser.

Redesign: Mobile Items Screen

In a later release we will be providing some exciting new updates to our FieldEdge mobile application. To pave the way, we have updated the design to provide mobile users with more room to build, read, and present invoices and quotes all while keeping the same functionality.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Added: Do Not Service flag has been added to exported Customer List
  • Added: New Fields have been added to the exported Invoice List
    • Customer Acquired Through, Customer Since, and Customer Type
  • Update: Increased the number of days in advance an Agreement can be posted
    • Users may now set their agreements to post up to 100 days in advance (default is still 21 days in advance)
  • Update: Flat Rate Assemblies, when posted to QuickBooks, now include the Item Name in the QuickBooks Item Description
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