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Equipment is an important piece of information to recognize when performing any type of installation or service. FieldEdge can help you track a location's equipment and associated equipment type. This article will help you learn how to add an equipment type to your database, along with how to make an equipment type active or inactive. 


How to Add an Equipment Type

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Before you can track a piece of equipment, you'll need to make sure the associated equipment type exists in your database. Follow the steps below to add an equipment type to your FieldEdge database.

1. First, click Settings from the top menu.

2. Next, choose Equipment Type from the Equipment section.

3. Click Add Equipment Type, found in the top-right of the screen.

4. Then, fill out the Equipment Type Name, Life Expectancy, and Industry.

5. When you are finished, click Save.

Repeat these steps for any additional equipment types you may need to create.

How to Make an Equipment Type Active or Inactive

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FieldEdge will come with industry-standard equipment types. Some of these equipment types may not be relevant to your company. If that's the case you can follow the instructions below to learn how to inactivate or activate an equipment type.

1. First, click on Settings in the top right of FieldEdge.

2. Select Equipment Type in the Equipment section.

3. Click Include Inactive to view All available Equipment Types.

4. Select the Types you want to Activate or Inactivate using the checkboxes on the left.

5. Click Edit and choose to Mark Active or Mark Inactive.

Repeat these steps for any additional equipment types that you may need to mark as active or inactive.

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