Release Notes: July 29, 2019


More Improvements to Work Order Tags

  • You can now add new, or existing, tags while creating a Work Order from the Call Screen or Dispatch Board.

Remove or Skip Agreement Appointments

  • Users may now clear or skip missed or upcoming Agreement Work Orders and Agreement Invoices.
    • Note: You may only skip Agreement Invoices if the Agreement is configured as Bill from office.

Easily Identify Work Orders set to Assigned or Backorder

  • While on the Dispatch Board, the Schedule Date for past due Work Orders, set to Assigned or Backorder, will display in red.
    • Note: If there is no Schedule Date for a Work Order, FieldEdge will use the Promised Date. If there is no Promised Date, FieldEdge will use the Created Date.

Personalize your Equipment Types

  • From the Equipment Type list, users may now add their own Equipment Types into FieldEdge.

Payments added to Timelines

  • Timelines, for Work Orders and Customers, will now include when you have added, modified, or removed a Payment.

Save Payment for Later on non-recurring Agreement payments

  • Users may now use the Save Payment for Later feature on both recurring and non-recurring Agreement payments.
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