Offering Quotes for Recommended Items


Offering recommendations to your customers is an important part of every service call. Ideally, every Work Order should include a Quote for recommendations to your customer.

Doing so provides these important benefits:

  • You leave your customer with a written copy of the recommendation, rather than just a verbal recommendation.
  • Showing the recommendation to your customer through FieldEdge increases the chance of the customer opting to purchase the repair.
  • Having Quotes in FieldEdge allows you to track conversion percentages for Quotes to Invoices, allowing you to coach your staff to be better salespeople.
  • Even if a customer does not opt to purchase a recommended repair now, having the Quote in FieldEdge will allow you to follow up on these recommendations at a later time.
  • These Quotes can be used for lead opportunities during your slower periods.

In short, by coaching your technicians to Quote as often as possible, you can increase your potential sales and improve the accuracy of your sales reporting. Looking for more information on how to get started with Quotes? Check out these quick videos to learn more!

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