Release Notes: August 23, 2019


Email Deliverability

In an effort to make sure your emails to getting delivered to your customers, we’ve made some changes to how your emails will be displayed in your customers’ inboxes. Now when you send an email, your company name (as defined in your global settings) will be displayed as the sender’s name with the email address showing as And don’t worry, your customers will still be able to reply to your emails. When your customer selects reply, the email address will default to the email address you defined as your Reply to Address in you Communication Templates.

Mobile Tagging

We’re bringing tags to the field so your technicians can get in on the fun! Now mobile users can view work order tags. With the correct permissions they can also add and delete on their mobile app. And with certain permissions, they can also add and delete the tags.

Mobile Payments Screen Redesign

For users who take payments in the field, you may notice that our mobile payment screen has received a facelift! The functionality is still there, we're just making it easier for you to see and understand the information you care most about, taking payments.

Linking Quotes to Invoices since 2019

Gone are the days of trying keep track of invoice amounts and quote numbers just to determine if an invoice came from a quote! On the Customer’s Invoice list a new “Original Quote WO#” column has been added to show you if an invoice was the product of a quote. Additionally, the “Resulting WO#” column on the Customer’s Quote list lets you know if a quote has been converted into a new work order. This same information can be found on a larger scale when you export the Invoice list and Quote list.

Equipment on a Work Order

Needing to see a customer’s equipment while prepping a work order use to mean navigating to the Customer screen, not anymore! Rather than clicking away from the work order, you can now access a customer’s equipment record within a work order, streamlining workflow and giving you more time to create more work orders. Be sure to keep an eye out for more functionality in this tab is coming soon!

Honorable Mention

1. EMV Readers for Android are officially available for users with FieldEdge Payments! Contact for more information.

2. When creating a new customer, the Suggested Customer panel now shows parent details as potential matches, providing more clarity to the existing customer list.

3. The Work Order’s payment list is now sorted by time and date to help you better keep track of when payments were made.

4. When a Customer is marked “Bill from Office”, pricing information for Part Requests are now hidden on Mobile in addition to hiding item pricing.

5. With the correct permissions enabled, technicians can make calls and send emails directly from the Mobile Customer screen, streamlining workflow in the field.

6. Need assistance from FieldEdge’s Support Team? Now when you click on the Support Button, a new browser tab will open, taking you to our Help Center. Here you can find helpful articles, book in person training, or get in touch with someone on the team.

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