Manager: Customer Training



  • Number of Videos in Session: 3
  • Total Viewing Time in Session: 4:29

Customers are the cornerstone of your FieldEdge database. The following tutorials will review the three scenarios you'll encounter when entering new Customers into your system.

Part 1: Adding a Residential Customer

This first video will discuss how to add a residential customer into FieldEdge.

  • How to add a residential customer
  • Review important fields specific to customer entry
  • How to avoid adding duplicate customers

Part 2: Adding a Commercial Customer

In this scenario, we will learn how to add a commercial customer to your database.

  • Where to begin entering commercial customers into FieldEdge
  • How to enter parent/child, or sub customers, into your database
  • Identify important fields relevant to commercial customers

Part 3: Adding a Customer from Phone Integration

In our third session, we will review adding a customer through FieldEdge Phone Integration.

  • How to identify a when a customer is calling in and how to add them to the system
  • How to recognize existing customers in FieldEdge
  • How to tag incoming calls appropriately
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