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In FieldEdge you have the ability to add a profile photo to your employees. This photo is used in communication templates, letting your customers know ahead of time who to expect when they have a work order scheduled. It can also show on the dispatch board, making it a little easier to know which technician you are scheduling work orders with. This article will walk you through how to add a photo to an employee record.



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Before you can begin, you'll need to make sure the employee is created. The employee must be created in QuickBooks and will sync back to FieldEdge.

1. First, in FieldEdge click the Settings icon.

2. Next, in the People section choose Employees.

3. Now, select the desired employee.

4. In the User Information section, click the photo square. This will bring up a file explorer.

5. In the file explorer, search and select the saved photo of the employee and click Open.

6. When finished click Update.

FieldEdge will update the employee's profile picture. Repeat this step for any additional employees or if you need to change an existing employee photo.

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