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In FieldEdge you have the ability to add a bio to your employees. This allows you to share that information with your customers. Customers can find it comforting to see a picture and learn more about the technician that is scheduled to show up at their location. This article will go over how to add a bio to an employee in FieldEdge.



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Before you can begin, you'll need to make sure the employee is created. The employee must be created in QuickBooks and will sync back to FieldEdge.

1. First, in FieldEdge click the Settings icon.

2. Next, in the People section choose Employees.

3. Now, in the QuickBooks Information section enter the employee's Bio.

 4. When finished click Update.

FieldEdge will now have updated the employee's bio. If you have communication templates configured with the technician_bio insert code your customers will now be able to see the newly added bio when they receive the appropriate communication template. Repeat this step for any additional employees or if you need to change an existing employee bio.

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