Changing the "Bill to" on an Invoice


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When invoicing, there may be times that you'll need to bill a 3rd party. This is useful when billing a warranty company or a separate customer altogether. This article will walk you through how to bill to a separate billing customer on an invoice.



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 Use the below instructions to change the Bill to field on an invoice.

  • Note: The Bill to customer will need to have already been created in FieldEdge before you can proceed with the below instructions.

1. In FieldEdge, find the desired Invoice by searching the invoice list or navigating through the customer screen.

2. From the Invoice, click the Bill to drop-down box.

3. Search for and select the desired Bill to customer.

4. When finished, click Save and choose Status Unchanged.

The Bill to should now be updated. When this invoice is Finalized and posted to QuickBooks, you will see the updated A/R balance reflect on the Bill To customer.

  • Note: Once Finalized an invoice cannot have the Bill to customer changed in FieldEdge.  You will need to make those adjustments in QuickBooks.
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