Creating Multi-Option Quotes from the Office



There are times when quoting a customer that several options could be available. FieldEdge has the capabilities of offering multiple options on a single quote. This will allow your employees the ease of providing your customers with the proper information to make the right decision in their purchase. 


The following article will walk through the steps of creating a Multi-Option Quote from the office.

1. Navigate to the desired customer and click on the Quote micro-dashboard.

2. From the quote micro-dashboard, click Add Quote.

3. Enter the Items for the first Option of the quote.

4. Click Add Option to begin adding items to a second option.

  • Note: You can rename the option by clicking on the Option name header and entering the desired name.

5. Repeat step 4 for all of the options needed. 

6. Make sure the quote has a Lead Source selected and click Create.

The quote has now been created. You can print or email the quote as you would with a standard quote. The customer will receive the quote showing all options. When reviewing the quote, you will have the option of editing and accepting one of the options and scheduling it as you would a standard quote.

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