Creating Multi-Option Quotes from Mobile



As a technician in the field, one of the most important conversations with the customer is what their options for repair or replacement might be. When making proposals, it's common to give a customer multiple options. With FieldEdge you can give the customer those options on a single quote, through Multi-Option Quotes.


This article will go over how to create a multi-option quote when using the FieldEdge mobile application.

1. Navigate to the desired work order from the FieldEdge mobile application.

2. Make sure the Status of the work order is set to Working.

3. Swipe to the Invoice/Quote screen and click on the Quote tab.

4. Click Add Option.

  • Note: You can click on the option name to change the name.

5. Add any items that you want to associate to Option 1 and click Done when complete.

6. Click Add Option to enter a second option. Add any items that you want to associate to Option 2 and click Done when complete.

7. Repeat step 6 for any additional options that you wish to create.

  • Note: You will have the capability of moving items from an option to another option, to the invoice, or duplicating options.

8. When you have all options created, Complete the work order as you normally would.

  • Note: If available, the customer will have the quote with all options emailed to them when completing the work order.

The work order now has the multi-option quote created and when completed it can be reviewed in the office. Repeat these steps for any additional multi-option quotes you may need to create.




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