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We're excited to bring a new visibility update to the agreements page in FieldEdge. This release will show UI improvements to better help users plan, create and schedule agreements for their customers. You'll see improvements to the customer contact section, and the billing and maintenance schedule. Users will have better visibility into the upcoming agreement events when viewing and creating agreements. Read below to see how these changes will help improve your agreement usability. 

Reason for Change

Through feedback, we've determined that the overall problem is it's too easy for users to set up agreements that can make it harder to produce their desired results. When setting up an agreement, it can be difficult to know when automated communication would be initiated, or make sure that a customer has the proper information entered to receive this automated communication.

What's Changing

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Several updates are being made to the user interface within the agreement page. The creation of an agreement should still be the same process. However, we're providing better visibility to users. This should make creating an agreement an easier task. View the changes that are being added below.

1. Without leaving the Agreement screen, users will now have visibility and access to the customer's primary contact information. Users will now be able to edit that contact information right from the agreement page. Additionally, if a customer misses the required contact information, the agreement will now give an alert icon. When an alert icon appears, users can hover over it to see specific warnings.

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2. We've added two new sections to the agreement billing and maintenance schedule. You'll now see automated upcoming events below each schedule. When you make changes to the schedule, they will be reflected in this new upcoming events schedule in real time. If there is a conflict, such as a date being set in the past, users will see the event appear in red. This will give users visibility into automated communication, billing, and events. 

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3. Additional details for agreement events have been added to history. Users can access this information by clicking on the existing History and selecting the Agreement tab. This will display any manually updated activity note with the user, date & time, and section of the agreement that was updated. Additionally, the next invoice date and the next task date will also be displayed.

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What's the Benefit

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With these visibility changes users will see the contact information, the selected method, and the ability to easily edit the agreement to ensure their customers receive proper automated communication and notifications. Members will also see the expected automated tasks that will be taking place, based on the agreement schedule and configuration. This will help users and FieldEdge support to have better insights into agreement modifications and the 'Next Dates' as they are made, allowing users greater knowledge of their agreements.

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