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We're very excited to bring you a new and improved FieldEdge Basic Mobile application. This new app is designed to replace the current basic/installer application. We've made improvements to features and updated designs to give an even better user experience. Take a look at the video below for a guided showcase of our new app and continue with this article for even more information about this exciting update.

Now that you've watched an overview, visit the articles using the links below, which will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to perform certain actions within the FieldEdge Basic Mobile Application.

Example Work Order Walkthrough

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Now that you've taken a look at the different fields and how the FieldEdge Mobile application works, watch the video below to see an example of a work order being completed from start to finish. 

Field Definitions

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Below you'll find a list of useful terms and descriptions for the different areas found throughout the FieldEdge Basic Mobile app. If you want to see these areas in detail, be sure to watch the above video.

Login Screen

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This screen will be used to log into the FieldEdge Mobile application. You can enter your account information or select the Forgot Password link if you need assistance logging in.


Home Screen

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From your home screen, you'll be able to see your current clock-in/out time, timesheets, assigned work orders, and navigate to notifications and settings for the app.


From the timesheets section, you'll be able to see an overview of your current and previous week's times. FieldEdge will help you keep accurate timesheets by clocking you in when performing certain tasks on a work order. It's important to make sure you're clocking in and out properly for accurate time and labor reporting.

  • Note: If you need to edit your timesheet for any reason, you'll need to inform the appropriate office employee, as any changes to a timesheet must be completed from the office.

Navigation Bar

At the bottom of the home screen, you'll find the navigation bar. This is where you can navigate to the home screen, notifications and reminders, and the settings page.

Work Order Home Screen

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From the work order home screen, you'll be able to change the status of your work order, view the history and information about a location or assignment, create reminders, view and add photos, equipment and forms, and add a summary of what was completed.

Work Order Details

Within the work order screen, you'll find the work order details section. This is where you can view the task that was assigned to this work order, along with a more detailed description of the work order, and its scheduled time and date.

Work Order Navigation Bar

At the bottom of a work order is the navigation bar. This will be a list of icons you can tap on to move to the associated section of this work order. Below is a list and definition of each of these sections you'll find in the navigation bar.

  • History: The history section will show you notes and information that have been entered in the past for this work order, along with the information and notes of previous work orders for this location.
  • Reminders: From the reminders section, you can create a notification that will remind you to perform a certain work order, quote, or invoice task that is associated with this work order.
  • Summary: You can write notes in the summary section, and those notes can be shown on the customer's invoice as well as on the work order. You can utilize this to give a recap to the customer of what was performed.
  • Photos: In the photos section you'll be able to view any existing photos that have been attached to this work order or you can take or add new photos and attach them.
  • Forms: If a form has been attached to a work order, you will see it in the forms section. Some forms may have required fields that will need to be completed before you can progress with your assignment. You can also add a form to an existing work order from this section.
  • Equipment: If you need to view or add a piece of equipment for the location of this work order, you can tap on this icon and head to the equipment section. From here you can view the detailed information of a piece of equipment, or add a new piece of equipment to this work order and customer's record.
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